VILPE® ECo series roof fans are effectively controlled roof fans with a DC motor. The motor has better efficiency and optimised control, so the ECo roof fan consumes much less energy than a roof fan with an AC motor.

Unlike previous VILPE® roof fan solutions, VILPE® ECo fans can be provided with stepless remote control, which uses a standard 0–10 V voltage message. An ECo roof fan can also provide an output signal which can be used to monitor the motor’s rpm. This allows connecting ECo roof fans to an automatically controlled building technology system where they can be monitored and controlled with the system’s CPU. ECo 110 series models can be used to exhaust radon or to ventilate an ecological toilet. The rpm of their motors is controlled by a potentiometer located in a link box on the roof, in the cowl of the roof fan.

The fan in VILPE® ECo roof fans is based on the EC technology, which means that it is an electronically commuted fan with a brushless DC motor. ECo roof fans address the challenge of reducing total energy consumption by saving energy, as the DC motor is much more effective than an AC motor. Calculations on the efficiency needed to move air show that a VILPE® ECo roof fan will save up to 40–60% of energy when compared to an AC roof fan, depending on the application.